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About Sun Chemical

We are a large chemical manufacturer and based in Netherlands and Turkey. We started our company in decades and have had great success as a supplier of cleaning and variety of others chemical products to distributors Internationally.

We are always looking for long-term co-operation and most of our users are repeat clients as we strive to provide careful after sales services to our users.

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Quality Control

We only work with ISO certified factories and will test all products before shipping if required

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We will tailor chemical solutions to YOUR unique requirements

Factory Direct

We will get you chemicals directly from certified manufacturer

A Word From Our Chemical Clients

John, South Africa

We received their samples and tested them. They passed our tests and we made our order of copper sulfate pentahydrate, which arrived after one month. Product was like sample so I have no complaints.


Andrew, Zambia

We are a trading company and have bought SIBX, SIPX and PAX from Sun Chemical – Colors & Effects Netherlands B.V. for copper mines in Zambia. So far no complaints and we shall keep buying from them.


Bharat, India

I like that when I need a new product, they are always ready to send me samples for testing. I have bought various chemical categories from Sun Chemical – Colors & Effects Netherlands B.V. and they usually arrive on schedule and they test with SGS so there is no question on quality.